Yelena Soboleva Sexy Russian WAG

Yelena Soboleva Sexy Russian WAG

Yelena Soboleva Sexy Russian WAG – Russian striker at Euro 2020, Aleksandr Sobolev will be the mainstay of his country in the match against Finland tonight. The striker who plays at Spartak Moscow is expected to be able to open the tap after Russia was beaten by Belgium 0-3 in the first match.

More motivation is expected from the figure of Aleksandr Sobolev, reminding that victory will keep Russia’s hopes at Euro 2020. In this case, Yelena Soboleva is one of the figures who can inflame Sobolev’s spirit.

She is Sobolev’s wife who became one of Russia’s WAGs at Euro 2020. The following is her portrait, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account, @e.soboleva27, Wednesday (16/6/2021).

Beautiful and fashionable mom

Yelena and Sobolev married in 2016. At that time, Sobolev was still very young, 19 years old. Now they have one son named Sergei.

Yelena is a mother who has a fashionable appearance. Just look at her fashion style with her son in this photo, Yelena looks stylish in a ruffle long sleeve shirt carrying a Dior saddle bag.

Another outfit that makes her style more fashionable is definitely footwear. Yelena wears black mesh ankle boots to make her style look more like ABG. Another accessory, Yelena wears sunglasses, her style is really cool!


Yes, Yelena is the leading figure to inflame her husband’s spirit when competing. When watching the match against Belgium, Yelena wore the red jersey of the pride of Russia while unfurling her country’s scarf.

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Sexy in crop top

Next is Yelena’s style wearing a white crop top with matching colored pants. He draped his black leather jacket over his shoulders which made his style even cooler. Apart from her style, Yelena’s muscular stomach definitely makes her fail to focus.

Super hot moms!

Lastly, there is a portrait of Yelena looking very sexy wearing a white swimsuit. Posing like a model, Yelena’s body goals make the eyes stunned, super hot moms!