Waist Bag Trend

Waist Bag Trend

Loved by millennials, will the waist bag trend be replaced by sling bags in 2022? The presence of the waist bag in early 2020 gave its own color in the fashion world of the country. Many young people wear these bag accessories to complete their casual style. But, are waist bags still hype at the end of 2021?

Waist bag itself is a type of bag that is usually used according to its function. This means that in addition to relying on the model or color, waist bag users usually aim for the function of the bag, which is capable of loading a lot of things but not looking big.

“Waist bags are part of the choice of bags according to the function and location when wearing them. In many styles, waistbags are usually used outdoors or indoors to sweeten the appearance,” said Feby Caesar Saleh, a young entrepreneur who is quite aware of bag trends among millennials, told the MNC Portal, Monday (11/10/2021).

Owning the FourtyFour bag business, Feby finally realized that the use of fashion items such as waist bags was not only loved by men, but also by women. It’s kind of a unisex fashion item that goes well with any casual style.

“Moreover, these people use public transportation or drive, because what they carry is not only wallets but also gadgets, keys and other accessories, so that waist bag products are highly targeted,” he added.

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In some circles, waist bags are also widely used when exercising and adventuring. This is because the small bag that is wrapped around the body feels comfortable and does not interfere with fairly active activities.

On the other hand, Feby tries to explain that in the future, for men, it seems that the trend of sling bags or sling bags and messenger bags will be preferred. The design is quite varied to be the reason.

“This type of bag is even in demand by many professional groups; ranging from students, couriers, office workers, online motorcycle taxi drivers, travelers; and even travel fashion items are still okay to look at,” he explained.

“Not only men, many women will also wear sling bags in the future; of course with more feminine designs and colors,” added Feby.

In addition to talking about fashion design, bag material is also often a consideration. Both men and women, said Feby, they like premium quality bags. “In a sling bag, for example, if possible the bag is waterproof so it is safe; when exposed to rain or water,” he said.

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