Versace Spring Summer 2022 collection

Versace Spring Summer 2022 collection

The new Versace Spring Summer 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week. Musician Dua Lipa has just made her runway debut at the Versace Spring/Summer 2022 show during Milan Fashion Week on Friday (24/9/2021). Not only strolling for a while, the singer of Levitating’s hits was also the opening and closing of the fashion appearance, you know.

So, what are the latest products from the Versace collection this time? Here are some of Versace’s latest collections that MNC Portal Indonesia has compiled from their Instagram account, Sunday (26/9/2021).

1. Round camera bag

Versace launches the La Medusa round camera bag collection that looks so eye catching. The white bag was adorned with a large gold chain surrounding the round bag. Versace’s iconic fashion logo is also emblazoned there. The design looks so simple but still gives the impression of luxury.

2. Medium handbag

Seen, the La Medusa medium handbag looks stunning with its green color. Versace’s signature logo is also emblazoned on the bag. There is a chain strap and also a pouch of the same color there. The bag can make anyone’s appearance more fashionable and classy.

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3. Handbag small

The size of this handbag is certainly smaller than the previous bag. The chain strap on the handle makes the Tosca green bag look so unique. Its small size is perfect for users who don’t carry a lot of stuff. Not to forget, the iconic Versace logo is also emblazoned there.

4. Versace safety pin

The safety pin with a distinctive design in the style of this Italian fashion house looks so elegant. These pins are perfect to mix and match with a scarf or other fabric. Although the color is not gold, this coral color also looks so classy with the Versace logo that stands out there.

5. Versace Scarf

Not only bags and safety pins, this Italian fashion house also launched the latest scarf model, of course with the best quality silk from Italy. Seen, Versace‘s writing is emblazoned on it. Modern motifs can certainly make the appearance of its users look more classy.

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