TWICE Nayeon Airport Fashion

TWICE Nayeon Airport Fashion

TWICE Nayeon airport fashion looks cute and aesthetic, you know! TWICE’s Nayeon’s airport fashion style became one that stole the attention at the airport. TWICE’s airport fashion lead vocal, which is celebrating its 27th birthday, looks simpler.

Nayeon often appears with uncomplicated outfits and accessories when she is stylish at the airport. Even though it’s simple, Nayeon’s fashion style at the airport is still cute and aesthetic! Here are 5 airport fashions for Nayeon TWICE, which are summarized from Koreaboo, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

1. Comfy casual

OOTD traveling comfortably by plane, Nayeon chose a simple casual outfit that was comfortable to wear. The T-shirt is layered with a denim jacket which is both cozy and trendy fashion.

2. Trendy chic

Combining two different style concepts, Nayeon was seen wearing a simple military style mini dress with an army color palette which she paired with a black bucket hat as a complementary accessory. Simple but still pleasing to the eye, right?

3. Graphic tees

Classic materials like jeans, of course, never go wrong. At the airport this time, the singer of Alcohol Free hits looks cute and trendy like a college kid by wearing a white T-shirt with a picture or a simple graphic tee as a top along with jeans and a pair of black and white flip-on sneakers. An easy way to look chic without much effort.

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4. All black

All K-Pop idols seem to have been appearing in public with all-black clothing styles. Nayeon was no exception; who was caught appearing in all black at the airport. Black pants and a plain black crop top, enhanced by the use of a black bucket hat. Casual but still cool right?

5. Classic white

A classic mix and match that can never go wrong, combining a white top with denim. Like Nayeon’s OOTD this time, a plain white long-sleeved blouse with the hemline tucked into the insert of a blue jeans denim skirt was worn as a bottom. A cool outfit all day long, during the day or at night.

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