The Charm of Beautiful Michele Lacroix

The Charm of Beautiful Michele Lacroix

The Charm of Beautiful Michele Lacroix – The Belgian national team will undergo the second match of the European Cup 2020 Group B stage against Denmark, Thursday (17/6/2021) at 23.00 WIB. One of the names in the spotlight is Kevin De Bruyne.

Kevin De Bruyne is the most anticipated figure in his action. Because, De Bruyne got injured in the Champions League Final so he missed Belgium’s inaugural match at Euro 2020.

De Bruyne is eagerly awaited, because he is the brain of the team’s game. His central role can increase Belgium’s chances of winning at Euro 2020. Off the pitch, De Bruyne also has a life that is no less highlighted. He has a beautiful wife with a love story that has attracted attention.

What is the figure of Michele Lacroix fans who made Kevin De Bruyne fall in love? The following is a portrait of him who is now in the ranks of the Belgian WAGs. summarized from the Instagram account @lacroixmichele, Thursday (17/6/2021).

Family portrait at Christmas

De Bruyne’s love story was revealed in 2014. At that time, De Bruyne was still playing for German club Wolfsburg. Two years later, Michele gave birth to her first child, Mason Milan De Bruyne.

In 2017, the two finally decided to get married and were blessed with another child named Rome De Bruyne a year later. Their family members became more complete after Suri De Bruyne was born in September 2020. They also had time to capture the moment together during the Christmas celebration, complete with three children.

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Photoshoot with De Bruyne

De Bruyne and Michele often flaunt their romance on Instagram. One of them when undergoing a photo shoot, they seemed to be posing intimately wearing all black outfits.

Maternity shoot

Michele also captured the moment when he was in two bodies. She looks feminine in a pink dress that exudes the charm of her beauty.

Sexy and elegant

Not only beautiful, Michele also has a sexy aura that makes Kevin De Bruyne difficult to other. Just look at the portrait of them together before a romantic dinner in Sorrento, Italy. Michele wore a low cleavage dress that made her look sexy and elegant fashion.