The Beautiful Yang Hye Ji

The Beautiful Yang Hye Ji

Portrait of the beautiful Yang Hye Ji Oh Bit Na in the drama nevertheless. The popular drama Nevertheless, starring Song Kang and Han So Hee just finished, airing its final episode last weekend.

Not only Song Kang and Han So Hee, through this college-age romance drama[, the name of the beautiful actress Yang Hye Ji also successfully attracted the attention of the audience. Appears through the character as Oh Bit Na, an art student and friend of Han So Hee who is not only beautiful, but also fashionable and eccentric.

So, are you curious about what the fashion portrait of the beautiful Yang Hye Ji looks like? Summarizing his personal Instagram account, Wednesday (25/8/2021), let’s take a peek at Yang Hye Ji’s beautiful portrait below.

1. School look

For the needs of the drama she starred in, Yang Hye Ji wore a school uniform. Wearing a Korean high school uniform, plus a short bob haircut, Hye Ji, who is originally 25 years old, is still cute like a school kid.

2. Red hair

Appearing as an eccentric art student character, Hye Ji here looks her best by coloring her hair into two colors. Dark brown and bright red ombre from the middle to the tips of the hair. It blends perfectly with her white, porcelain skin tone.

3. Blonde hair

In the middle of the broadcast of Nevertheless, Hye Ji’s character Oh Bit Na, played by Yang Hye Ji changed hair color. From a straight red ombre, to a platinum blonde ombre and a curly texture. Which is more beautiful, ombre blonde or red hair?

4. Cute with headband

Well, if this is a cute portrait of Hye Ji. Her beautiful face looks cute and adorable, as she wears a headband in the shape of an animal character, a brown bear.

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5. Bare face

Having a beautiful face, smooth white skin like glass skin, it’s no wonder this virgin who studies at one of Korea’s top universities, Sungkyunkwan University is confident in uploading close-up photos of her innocent face, aka bare face without applying makeup.

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