Sexy Style of Jessi

Sexy Style of Jessi

The sexy style of Jessi rapper, nicknamed the Korean version of Nicki Minaj. The fame of rapper Jessi has skyrocketed among K-Pop fans and the South Korean entertainment world. With his trademark style that is outspoken and honest, the singer of hits, Nunu Nana, has successfully won the hearts of the public.

A career as a rapper, MC and also an entertainer, a sexy image cannot be separated from Jessi’s figure. In her daily appearance style, Jessi often wears sexy outfits that are her trademark. No wonder Jessi got the nickname of the Korean version of Nicki Minaj.

So, what’s Jessi’s style like? Here are five portraits of Jessi’s sexy OOTD style, which are summarized from her personal Instagram account, Friday (20/8/2021):

1. Cut-out dress

Performing at one event, Jessi appeared RAWR in a dress with a cut-out pattern with various combinations of orange and black colors. High slit at the front, adds to Jessi’s sexy aura.

2. Blazer bra

Combining androgynous and sexy styles, this 1988-born rapper looked cool in a formal blazer suit with an oversized milk chocolate color that was left unbuttoned with a plain black bra.

3. Red dress

Attending the party, Jessi chose a simple but glamorous fashion outfit, a red evening dress with spaghetti straps that framed her curvy body perfectly. Like a Spanish guitar, right?

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4. T-shirt only

Even without wearing sexy clothes, Jessi does naturally have a sexy aura. Just look at this portrait of Jessi, when she was only wearing a simple black T-shirt and posing on the bed.

5. Sporty sexy

Taking a leisurely stroll, Jessi looks hot in a sporty gray outfit. Combine a sporty top bra as a top and bike shorts as a bottom with white sneakers, a black baseball cap, and a classic black bag from Chanel.

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