Ryu Jun Yeol Minimalist Fashion

Ryu Jun Yeol Minimalist Fashion

Ryu Jun Yeol Minimalist Fashion – The figure of Ryu Jun Yeol is known as one of South Korea’s top young actors. In addition to his acting, Ryu Jun Yeol also appears as a handsome actor with good fashion sense.

With a strong sense of fashion and his ability to mix and match, Ryu Jun Yeol can show his cool and minimalist OOTD style. Curious about the minimalist and cool OOTD (outfit of the day) portrait of Ryu Jun Yeol, right?

Summarizing his personal Instagram account, Friday (4/6/2021), let’s look at the reviews of his four portraits below.

1. Casual in shorts

Taking a leisurely stroll to the park, this Reply 1988 star actor appeared relaxed in an earth tone theme outfit. A white long-sleeved shirt paired with sage green shorts, a pair of lace-up sneakers and white socks completes Ryu Jun Yeol’s casual look.

2. The combination of casual and semi-formal

Combining two style concepts at once, casual and semi-formal look, Ryu Jun Yeol paired a denim shirt as a top with white ivory trousers and black loafers. Cool isn’t it?

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3. Pattern pants

Attending the art exhibition, the actor from the film The King looked fashionable in his brown plaid patterned trousers. She teamed it with a white graphic tee and a slim-fit navy blue blazer along with a pair of white sneakers. A modern yet polite look for a semi-formal look.

4. Vest

Ryu Jun Yeol looked cool wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt and casual denim shorts. He gave a twist with a layering technique through the use of a sleeveless vest, aka a sleeveless vest with colorful tribal motifs as an outer. Finally, just complete it by wearing a pair of white sneakers with laces and socks above the heel.

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