Rimar Callista as a Catwoman

Rimar Callista as a Catwoman

Rimar Callista as a catwoman makes him speechless, netizens: they have a different aura. The champion of Indonesian Idol 2021, Rimar Callista not only stole the attention with his golden voice. The appearance style of the 24-year-old woman has also attracted attention on social media.

Recently, Rimar Callista did a photo shoot with renowned photographer, Rio motot. The results of the photos are of course amazing and make pangling!

Rimar appeared with a Catwoman cosplay, one of the DC superhero characters. Rio said he was happy to work with Rimar because he wanted to explore and follow directions well.

The following is a portrait of Rimar Callista appearing with the Cosplay Catwoman which was peeked from the Instagram account @riomotret, Sunday (19/9/2021).

1. Surrender pose

If usually Rimar looks beautiful, elegant and girly, now in a photo shoot Rimar is transformed into a woman who is cool, fierce, and looks more mature.

Rimar appeared as Catwoman with a smokey-eye look and red lips, giving a sexy and bold impression.

2. Totality to be Catwoman

Rimar wore a black jumpsuit with silver sequin details and bling bling by fashion designer Andreas Lim. Her beautiful face complements the concept of clothing and makeup that Rimar uses. The pose is also cute, right, isn’t it the right time for Rimar to become Catwoman?

3. Pose “Rimar Rule The World”

This pose is very amazing and seems to bring out another side of Rimar. Her clothes also show Rimar’s slender curves.

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4. Beautiful with a headpiece

The concept is similar but not the same, Rimar wears fashion costumes and other headpieces by Andreas Lim. Eye makeup is still bold but added with purple and silver shimmer eyeshadow that matches the background

What do you think? Is Rimar suitable for a more mature and cool look like this?

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