Portrait of Via Vallen

Portrait of Via Vallen

A portrait of Via Vallen in the style of a k-pop idol, cool and quirky! Not only melodious voice, Via Vallen also has a fashionable appearance. The style of the appearance of this beautiful swordsman often steals attention on stage.

One of them was when Via Vallen appeared in Korean Style a la Korean Idol. The K-Pop fashion idol-style outfit makes the 30-year-old swordsman even cooler and quirky.

Curious what he looks like when he looks like a K-Pop idol? Here, Okezone summarizes from his personal Instagram account @viavallen, Tuesday (5/10/2021).

Unique asymmetrical all blue outfit

Look beautiful with an all-blue midi dress with cloud motifs. Detail cut out sleeves give a unique impression. No less unique, the asymmetrical bag model in red and yellow contrast. Then at the bottom of the dress the shape of the cut resembles the neck of a shirt. Combined with white combat boots don’t you think she look really cute here.

Jeans and stripes outfit!

Via always looks bold with her outfit. This time he combined a striped shirt with an oversized outer and blue plaid pants.

Equipped with a belt accessory to still show the silhouette of his body. Via seems to like the color blue! he also combines with navy blue boots.

Fiery red outfit

Korean style but the nationalist spirit is still there! Cool, right. Via Vallen wears a crop jacket that reads “NKRI Harga Mati” by the nation’s children, namely A.G.C Studio. This work is a collection of “Red and White” which is not for sale.

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Retro Outfit

A white blazer with a black retro print combined with a red skirt. Not complete without her favorite white high combat boots! It’s so beautiful when she is the one who wear it.

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