Portrait of Song Hye Kyo

Portrait of Song Hye Kyo

Beautiful portrait of Song Hye Kyo that was not released by Vogue Korea. Beautiful Korean actress, Song Hye Kyo recently returned to show off her visual charm. This time through the cover of Vogue Korea magazine.

Not only stunning the public with his charming and youthful visuals on the front cover of the well-known magazine, but through his personal Instagram account, the Endless Love star shared his heart with sharing charming portraits of himself that were not uploaded by Vogue Korea to the public.

So curious, what kind of beautiful portrait of Song Hye Kyo that was not released by Vogue Korea? Summarizing Song Hye Kyo’s personal Instagram account, Friday (3/9/2021) here are five beautiful B-cut portraits of Song Hye Kyo in Vogue Korea magazine.

1. High ponytail

Song Hye Kyo is arguably rarely seen with a ponytail hairstyle. Now in this photo, the 39-year-old actress looks fresh and edgy in an asymmetrical army green dress with a high ponytail hairstyle that makes her look more youthful.

2. Sultry look

In the second photo, this B-Cut shot by photographer Park Jong Ha, Hye Kyo is photographed with a close-up style focusing on her face. Wearing a nude peach color outfit and a sleek cut style hairdo, Hye Kyo posed sitting spoiled and gave a sultry look to the camera.

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3. Close-up

In the third b-B0cut photo, the photographer shows off Song Hye Kyo’s natural facial beauty. Close-up was taken from a very close distance so that it only showed a beautiful, smooth face and Hye Kyo-style glass skin which was applied with a thin Korean fashion look.

4. Sexy

This DOTS star is known to rarely look sexy, either in dramas or in everyday life. But for this photo shoot, Hye Kyo appeared bold enough to have a sexy style through a spoiled lying pose and wearing an army green wool bra outfit which she combined with a beige coat that was deliberately left open.

5. Candid

In the last photo, Song Hye Kyo shows off her charming visual charm with a candid photo. Photographed from a side angle, deliberately not looking at the focus of the camera; and with hair that is deliberately messy like the wind; Song Hye Kyo still looks maximally beautiful.

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