Portrait of SeolA WJSN

Portrait of SeolA WJSN

Beautiful portrait of SeolA WJSN who failed aesthetically because of the ‘end of chapter, please flush’ photo. The name SeolA WJSN suddenly became trending on search engine sites. This is because of the photo upload of the WJSN girl group personnel.

SeolA WJSN unknowingly uploaded a photo with writing on the wall that reads, “After defecating, please flush it clean,”. SeolA’s behavior that failed aesthetically with the intention of uploading this poetic quote is what attracted the attention and made Indonesian netizens laugh.

Besides being funny, as an idol, of course, SeolA has a charming visual appearance. No need to linger, collect SeolA’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (2/9/2021) let’s see a brief description of five beautiful portraits of SeolA WJSN below.

1. Natural beauty

Uploaded a portrait of himself when he was a toddler. SeolA confidently showing off herself has been naturally beautiful since childhood. Smooth white skin like porcelain with a pair of sparkling round eyes.

2. Bob hair

Like a hit celebrity who is seen with a short bob haircut, SeolA looks trendy fashion and cute with a black shoulder-length bob cut with see-through bangs as a sweetener.

3. Bare face

If female idols are usually reluctant to show a plain face without makeup, SeolA is an exception! Confidently, SeolA is known to have uploaded a selfie of herself appearing innocent, her bare face not covered in makeup at all. Healthy pink lips plus smooth white facial skin, blue eyes, and a pair of thick black eyebrows.

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4. Pink hair

So, this one is a beautiful portrait of SeolA who looks aesthetic and quirky with a two tone long wave hairstyle, peach pink gradient at the top and cotton candy pink color at the bottom. Perfectly blends in SeolA’s white skin isn’t it?

5. Idol look

SeolA’s beautiful portrait while performing on stage as a professional idol, girl group WJSN personnel holds the lead vocalist position. SeolA who is full of makeup looks cool in her stage costume, mix and match crop top and white stripes blazer as a top and trousers with stripes patterned in the same color as the blazer.

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