Portrait of Jang Ki Yong

Portrait of Jang Ki Yong

A handsome portrait of Jang Ki Yong, Dian Sastro’s idol who is ready to go to the military. Jang Ki Yong’s name suddenly trended on search engine sites. The handsome South Korean actor is idolized by many women, including Dian Sastro.

Jang Ki Yong is know to be ready to leave for his mandatory military duty today, serving as an active soldier. As a longing healer, there’s nothing wrong with looking back at some of the handsome portraits of the My Girlfriend is Gumiho star actor, right?

The following is a handsome fashion portrait of Jang Ki Yong, which is summarized from his personal Instagram account, @juanxkui, Monday (23/8/2021).

1. Bare face

Uploading a photo of himself while taking a leisurely stroll in the Venice beach area, wearing a beanie hat and an all-black outfit, Jang Ki Yong not only looks casual with his casual outfit but also looks relaxed with a bare face, plain without any makeup. Stay handsome!

2. Dresses-up

The photoshoot as a model of a well-known jewelry line, cover with light makeup and simple hairdo, was photograph from a close distance, clearly not Jang Ki Yong’s handsome and perfect face, with a smooth face, firm jaw, sharp nose and a pair of thick eyebrows.

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3. Covered with a mask

Although half of his face is not visible because it is cover by a black mask. The cool aura and handsome charm of the opposite actor Song Hye Kyo in the drama We’re Breaking Up; still makes many women amazed by him.

4. Short hair

Lastly saying goodbye before leaving for the military, the man who was born in 1992 showed his style of appearance as a soldier. By uploading a close-up portrait of himself with his hair cut short, neatly cut in the style of an army.

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