Portrait of England's WAGs in Jersey

Portrait of England’s WAGs in Jersey

Portrait of England’s WAGs in Jersey – The grand event of the 2020 European Cup football has attracted the world’s attention. Not only the actions of football stars, Wife And Girlfriends aka WAGs, the players also attracted millions of pairs of football enthusiasts.

One of them is the lover and wife of the England national team player. It’s no secret that England’s WAGs always attract attention at every major football event.

This time, the British WAGs showed off their solidarity when supporting Hary Kane et al at Euro 2020. They looked beautiful and sexy when wearing the England jersey combined with hot pants.

British WAGs

Megan Davison, the lover of England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who uploaded the photographer’s most awaited moment to her Instagram account. Megan Davison, Fern Hawkins, Anouska Santos, Annie Kilner, to Charlotte Trippier pose in one photo frame!

Fern Hawkins is the beautiful physiotherapist wife of Harry Maguire, standing to the left of Megan Davison. To Megan’s right is Kieran Trippier’s lovely wife Charlotte wearing a bucket hat.

To the left of Fern Hawkins stands Annie Kilner who is Kyle Walker’s lover. Meanwhile, standing on the far left is Anouska Santos, Luke Shaw’s lover, showing off her charming smile.

These five English WAGs took a picture together while supporting England in the inaugural match against Croatia. Enthusiastic support from the beautiful WAGs resulted in England’s 1-0 victory over Croatia.

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Megan Davison

Megan Davison herself was caught on camera supporting England directly against Croatia. He was seen wearing a white England jersey. He was smiling greeting the other England fans in the stands. Her beautiful face really became a charm in itself in the match that England won 1-0.

Anouska Santos

There is also Anouska Santos who captured his moment at Wembley when England played against Croatia. He looked sexy wearing a British jersey combined with hot pants. Lastly she poses holding her child, even so, her fashion style is still sexy and cool.