Portrait of Brigadier Mustakim

Portrait of Brigadier Mustakim

Portrait of Brigadier Mustakim that is a handsome police officer from Aceh, looks like Ali Syakieb! Social media was again stirred up by the appearance of the Handsome policeman from Aceh, Bripda Mustakim. It went viral because his handsome face was called the artist Ali Syakieb.

Several portraits of Mustakim were seen in his personal Instagram post. For example, some of the photos in the @bripdamustakim account are as follows:

1. Wear the Official Police Uniform

He shows that he is wearing a police uniform looking very macho and dashing. It’s not just daily police field service clothes and certain events. But he wears this uniform fashion all the time. Looks so handsome doesn’t it. His good looks make many women stunned.

2. Leaf Pattern Batik

This time Bripda Mustakim wore a batik leaf pattern combined with black pants. Not left behind is also a casual watch adds to its prowess.

3. Black Shirt with Light Gray Vest

The very elegant mix and match of Mustakim is seen wearing a black shirt plus a light gray vest. That way, making him amaze many fans on his Instagram.

4. Black Suit and Matching Pants

He also often displays the same suit quickly and elegantly. The combination does not make itself look old-fashioned, with a casual watch that is perfect for both formal and informal events.

5. Blue Shirt with White Pants

In the photo, Mustakim looks very clean and tidy. Although the shirt is a bit messy coming out of the pants with a black belt. Sunglasses are also a stunning addition to a watch.

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6. Leather Jackets and Jeans

Another casual that is very eye-catching, again Mustakim displays it very elegantly. The combination of a leather jacket and jeans plus white sneakers makes him look very charming and handsome.

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