Portrait of Andressa Urach

Portrait of Andressa Urach

Portrait of Andressa Urach a former prostitute who confessed to having sex with Cristiano Ronaldo. The life of Cristiano Ronaldo has never been separated from the figure of a beautiful woman. Not only lovers, like Irina Shayk or now Georgina Rodriguez, but other women.

She is Andressa Urach, a beautiful woman from Brazil who claimed to have dated Ronaldo in 2013. At that time, Andressa admitted that he had been an affair for 2 days and made love to Ronaldo, who was still Irina Shayk’s lover.

“I can’t believe I had the chance to meet the most adored footballer on the planet. I don’t want to know the fee, no amount compares to being able to be by Cristiano Ronaldo‘s side. When I got out of the elevator, my heart beat as soon as the room opened. Cristiano Ronaldo smiled and invited in,” said Andressa Urach through his autobiography, quoted by Thesun.

Of course the news was strongly denied by Ronaldo. The mega star admitted that he was undergoing an interview session at the hotel at that time, not having an affair.

“I am very angry, it affects my personal life a lot. I just want to clarify, I was at the Hotel Villa Magna on April 22 to have an interview with Manu Sainz. You can confirm it with Manu Sainz, “said Ronaldo.

So what kind of figure is Andressa Urach? The following is a portrait of Andressa Urach summarized from his personal Instagram account @andressaurachoficial, Thursday (19/8/2021).

Slim body

First, there is a portrait of Andressa Urach looking beautiful in a blue floral cut-off dress. She combined it with an asymmetrical skirt that further showed her slim body.

Feminine in long dress

Next there is a portrait of Andressa Urach taking pictures on the beach. She wore a white sleeveless long dress which made her appearance look beautiful and feminine.

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Beautiful selfie

Like most women, Andressa Urach also likes to take selfies. Andressa who wore a mustard color off shoulder top looked beautiful with a charming smile.

Charming smile

A smile seems to be the mainstay of Andressa Urach to captivate the hearts of men. In addition, she looked beautiful wearing a fuschia short-sleeved mock neck dress. Her long blonde hair that is swept to the side adds to the charm of her fashion appearance.

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