Portrait of Ana Rajkovic

Portrait of Ana Rajkovic

Beautiful portrait of Ana Rajkovic, the wife of the goalkeeper against Lionel Messi that went viral. The figure of Lionel Messi has never been separated from the spotlight, including in his debut match with a new club, PSG against Reims. This time, Messi fascinated the wife of his opponent’s goalkeeper.

The beautiful WAGS was Ana Rajkovic who was in the spotlight after ‘chasing’ Messi after the match. He asked Messi to hold his son and take a picture.

Ana’s portrait as WAGS from goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic can’t be separated from giving the impression of a beautiful and charming football couple.

What does he look like? Here is a beautiful portrait of Ana Rajkovic in her personal Instagram posts:

1. All-Black Suit

The combination of a black croptop with latex leggings makes it look elegant and charming. Accessories that are not too crowded, such as a gold bracelet adorning the right wrist and a wrist watch encircling the left side.

2. Floral Tanktop

Eating at a restaurant, this time the clothes really support Ana’s simple appearance. She is seen wearing a white tank top with pink, blue, orange and yellow flowers.

3. White Tanktop

A home fashion dress that is also suitable for Ana with a ponytail hairdo. The mix-and-match of a white tank top, plus blueseawash denim really captivated the charm of the 24-year-old mother.

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4. Polka dot dress

Next, Ana displayed a black and white polka dot dress. The cheerful appearance of a thin smile while holding a wine glass, the impression of the clothes plus the black belt accent can be a reference for other young mothers.

5. Brick Red Leopard

This unique dress is no less unique, the small leopard motif doesn’t make Ana too much. Together with a slightly orange brick red, added with a small sling bag and transparent heels accents make it enchanting with a photo with her husband.

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