Portrait of Ahn Bo Hyun

Portrait of Ahn Bo Hyun

Handsome portrait of Ahn Bo Hyun, the star of Yumi’s Cells. The Korean drama (Drakor) Yumi’s Cells, starring Ahn Bo Hyun, immediately attracted the attention of K-Drama lovers. This is the second drama starring Ahn Bo Hyun in 2021.

Ahn Bo Hyun himself is known as a prolific and totality actor when playing a character, both protagonist and antagonist. No wonder his acting in Yumi’s Cells immediately captivated the hearts of Drakor fans.

What is the charm of this actor like? let’s take a peek at the portrait of Ahn Bo Hyun that MNC Portal Indonesia has compiled from his Instagram account @bohyunahn on Thursday (23/9/2021).

1. Street style

Bo Hyun looks simple in a space rabbit t-shirt combined with short red chino pants. Posing candidly while pocketing his hands, Bo Hyun managed to hypnotize his fans. Only 1 hour uploaded, the photo has been liked by 37 thousand users.

2. Manly with motor

Having an athletic and dashing body, makes Bo Hyun look manly with various styles. Seen, in this portrait he looks so macho fashion while sitting on a motorbike despite wearing a simple all-black outfit. On the sleeves, Bo Hyun deliberately rolls up the sleeves of his shirt so that his muscular biceps appear.

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3. Vacation at the beach

Bo Hyun looks so charming while doing a photo session on the beach. He only wore a white shirt with open buttons combined with short chino pants of the same color. The wet look hair on his appearance makes Bo Hyun look so tempting.

4. Asia Artist Awards 2020

This 33-year-old actor looks so charming in his black suit. At the 2020 Asia Artist Awards, Bo Hyun won trophies in the Choice Actor and Best Emotive Actor categories. Posing smiling for the camera while carrying two trophies and a bouquet of flowers, Bo Hyun looks so handsome!

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