Papuan Motif Clothing

Papuan Motif Clothing

Cool! The beauty of Papuan motif clothing shocked the United States. The stories of the nation’s children at New York Fashion Week 2022 are not only about Erigo, but also from Papua. Yes, designer Indah Darry brought a collection of Papuan motifs to the international scene.

The elegant nuanced collection is so beautifully wrapped in Papuan motifs with quite striking colors. Basic black clothing, with motifs in silver, gold, and other colors make each collection look different and very prominent.


Indah Darry revealed that she came to New York thanks to a direct invitation from the President and CEO of NYC LIVE at Fashion Week, William Michael Reid. According to Indah, Michael has been observing his fashion since 2 years ago.

It is known that Michael is interested in clothes that have a Papuan touch because they are considered to match the nuances of fashion in the US now.

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“Initially Michael followed me on Instagram. So, he saw the process of Papuan motifs that I made, from drawing, painting, and then printing them into textiles,” Indah told VOA Indonesia, in mid-September.

Rosaline Rumaseuw, a colleague of Indah Darry from Papua, say that the beauty of Papuan fashion was displayed in New York for the first time. “I am very grateful to Indah Darry, because with the appearance of Papuan fashion in New York, it can make artists in Papua rise up, work for Indonesia, especially Papua,” he said proudly.

Papuan Motif Clothing

On the other hand, Michael appreciated Indah Darry for accepting her invitation and coming to the United States to introduce the beauty of Indonesian fashion with a Papuan pattern.

“They (Indah Darry and Dr Rosaline Rumaseuw (Dr RR)); came all the way from Indonesia to be a part of this show. I am happy for them. We look forward to working with them again for the coming seasons,” said Michael. “It’s fun for them as well as our audience.”

Positive comments came from several models involved in this fashion show. As seen from the VOA Indonesia show; the two models said that Darry’s Papua Indah collection was fantastic and truly amazing.

The model also appreciated the presence of Indah Darry to New York, United States. According to him, what Indah did was something extraordinary; because she came all the way to the US to introduce the beauty of Papuan fashion.

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