Ngoc Trinh's Latest Look

Ngoc Trinh’s Latest Look

Ngoc Trinh’s Latest Look – The name Ngoc Trinh took the world by storm in 2019. She is a model from Vietnam who was criticized by her Minister of Culture for wearing sexy clothes at important international events.

Since that incident, many publics have highlighted Ngoc Trinh’s social media, which turns out to be very often showing off his almost naked OOTD. So, his appearance at Cannes at that time didn’t really surprise his fans who were used to seeing Ngoc appear vulgar.

After 2 years the case broke out, how is Ngoc Trinh? Does he still like to show off almost naked photos on his personal Instagram? Now, in this article, MNC Portal tries to report Ngoc Trinh’s current state, here’s the review:

Still burning

After drowning in the mass media, Ngoc Trinh apparently still exists on Instagram with a sensual look. This photo clearly illustrates that this Vietnamese model can’t get rid of her sensual character.

She looks super smoldering wearing only a red bikini with jewelry accents that cross between her bikinis. The pose is really hot, isn’t it?


Sexy selfie

Again, it’s not unusual for Ngoc Trinh to appear on social media wearing only a bra and we can see a lot of this kind of portrait on her account.

Here Ngoc looks very beautiful wearing a black bra combined with a white shirt. Accessories such as necklaces and rings that she wears give a very edgy luxurious fashion impression. Her beauty is still the same, yes.


So luxurious!

The underwear that Ngoc wears looks very luxurious with pearl stones that form a pattern like a dress. He combined the outfit with a long coat made of glossy synthetic material that looked bad.

Charisma as a model is undeniably so great. Looking at photos like this, we can see that Ngoc already has a lot of experience as a shooting model. So sexy!

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So gorgeous

The charm of this Vietnamese model in front of the camera is unquestionable. He can really captivate anyone who sees him, including through this photo.

Here Ngoc wore a sexy silhouette dress with a bra top connected to her long skirt. Although not as vulgar as before, but the sensual impression is felt by the play of her curvy body expressions and poses. So gorgeous!