Mega Overcast Totem Batik

Mega Overcast Totem Batik

Mega overcast totem batik wore by Canadian Ambassador. Garuda Kencana Batik presents a batik motif that combines Indonesian and Canadian cultures, which was then worn by the Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia, Cameron Mackay.

In his fashion design, Yos incorporates a totem pole motif typical of the native Canadian natives, with the addition of a maple flower background as a symbol of Canada. As a combination, Yos also gave a very popular Indonesian batik motif, namely the Megamendung motif.

Batik Sekawan Kembang Boket (United Kingdom)

For the collaboration of Nusantara batik motifs with the United Kingdom, Yos and Garuda Kencana Batik polished the four national flowers of each member country of the United Kingdom, namely Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“I combined the daffodil flower motif from Wales and other national flowers, there was also a robin motif. These motifs were combined as a single unit of the United Kingdom, which I then combined with striated or striped batik motifs,” he explained.

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Batik Goose Kahuripan (Finland)

For the Finnish Embassy, ​​Yos designed a batik motif resembling the whooper swan, Finland’s national animal. In Finnish mythology, the whooper swan is describe as having a connection with the life of the next world.

To add to the mysterious and charming impression, Yos gives a touch of the Nordic tree of life motif, namely Yggdrasil; and Cirebon’s popular cloud motif, Megamendung.

Banji Taeguk Batik (South Korea)

For the South Korean Embassy, ​​Garuda Kencana Batik combines the Garuda motif with the assimilated batik motifs between Indonesian and Eastern cultures, namely the swastika banji.

Yos said, in South Korea, the swastika banji has a more religious meaning than just a motive. In addition to swastika banji; this batik is also give a touch of South Korean national animal motifs, namely the tiger, arowana; and Korean eagle in the style of old Korean paintings.

Sawunggaling Shield Batik (Mozambique)

As one of the countries on the African continent; Mozambique is know to have the country’s flag colors that attract attention, namely red, yellow, green and black. This is also the basis for the color of batik, a blend of Indonesia and Mozambique.

The rest, Yos added a combination of motifs from shield motifs of African tribes with sawunggaling batik motif; which is shape like a rooster.

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