Maquinn Couture Fashion House Appears in Europe

Maquinn Couture Fashion House Appears in Europe

Maquinn Couture Fashion House Appears in Europe – The fashion works of the nation’s children have indeed received the attention of many people abroad. Not surprisingly, many Indonesian works are use in famous fashion houses.

Well, recently the work of Fashion Film entitled “Realm of Silence” in Europe uses the creation of the nation’s children. It is the Maquinn Couture fashion house, which is run by sisters Janice Setyawan and Benita Setyawan.

Presenting a collection of luxurious wedding dresses in Rome, Italy, both of them exhibited their work at the Palazo Emilio Turarti and received full appreciation and support from the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI).

“This is part of fashion diplomacy that we are running together. This is also part of echoing Indonesia’s interests and role in implementing the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development in 2021,” said Indonesian Ambassador to Italy Esti Andayani in her virtual press conference.

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“This is state in UN General Assembly Resolution 2019 number 74198 and comes from an Indonesian initiative with the support of 89 other member countries,” he added.

The fashion film “Realm of Silence” produced by Maquinn can be seen through Maquinn’s official Instagram @maquinnofficial, not only involved in making his fashion works but also both involved in the process of selecting models, taking pictures, and making background songs.

There are five dresses on display in “Realm of Silence”; with the main dress being white and looking the most elegant among the other dresses. The main dress displayed took 1800 hours; or 150 days to make to ensure that the dress conveyed an elegant character.

“Making itself 1800 hours. If you look at the main dress, it looks like a floral motif. It’s not a motif, it’s actually apply by itself; so there 900 laser cut flowers that we install ourselves using hand stitch; so we can produce a 3 dimensional and natural effect. This is the realization of white hydrangea flowers,” said Benita Setyawan.