Lubuklinggau Durian Batik Popularity

Lubuklinggau Durian Batik Popularity

Returning from Milan Fashion Week, Lubuklinggau Durian Batik popularity invaded by lovers of Indonesian literature. The Lubuklinggau Durian Batik in the JYK collection stole the world’s attention. The punk-inspired outfit really makes Milan Fashion Week 2021 feel even more special.

Not long ago, it was discovered that the JYK durian batik collection had return to the country. As explain by the Head of Dekranasda Lubuklinggau Yetty Oktarina Prana, the durian batik collection was immediately invade by lovers of Nusantara literature.

“After Milan Fashion Week 2021, the demand for durian batik is extraordinary. The demand for durian batik has increase many times,” said Rina Prana at a virtual press conference, Wednesday (11/13/2021).

One of the advantages of Lubuklinggau durian batik, said Rina, is that there is no limit or integration with any value. This means that durian batik can be create in the form of unlimited collections, including the collections issued by JYK at Milan Fashion Week.


Rina said, at the beginning of the collaboration, she had doubts about the ‘go international’ durian batik. He experience this feeling because he feel that durian batik was still very young compare to other batiks in Indonesia.

“Initially I doubt that Lubuklinggau’s durian batik would be brought to Milan Fashion Week. However, thanks to the enthusiasm and trust of Jenny Yohana Kansil as JYK designer, who say that this durian batik was worthy of a collection, my team and I were willing to collaborate,” said Rina. remember the first moment we were invite to work together.

“After being process into a collection, I as the founder of Lubuklinggau durian batik really do not believe that durian batik can be an extraordinary collection and is indeed in accordance with our expectations, namely targeting young people,” he added.

At that moment, Rina was also grateful that durian batik could be worldwide this fast. That, he said, could not be separate from the support of many parties, including the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, which provide an exhibition space as well as a fashion show.

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Lastly “I am optimistic, with the support of many parties; the durian batik that was born in 2013 will be able to enter a new phase; of its development into one of the archipelago’s literatures; that makes Indonesia proud in the eyes of the world,” he said.

After that You need to know, durian batik; which is use as the main material for the JYK collection at Milan Fashion Week; uses natural dyes with 100% cotton and silk. The natural dyes used in this special collection are jengkol and areca nut.

Because of that “We are bringing Lubuklinggau durian batik to Milan Fashion Week 2021 with a clear goal that we believe we can optimally promote Indonesian heritage in the global market through this city, including the beauty of Indonesian batik,” said Jenny.

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