Leonita Lekaj Beautiful Fashion

Leonita Lekaj Beautiful Fashion

Leonita Lekaj Beautiful Fashion – The Swiss Vs Wales match in the inaugural match of Group A of the 2020 European Cup, Saturday 12 June 2021, at 20.00 WIB, will attract the attention of football lovers. The two countries, which were strengthened by several stars, made the match predicted to be exciting.

Off the field, the wives or lovers aka WAGs (Wife and Girlfriends) players will also attract attention, one of which is Leonita Lekaj. She is the wife of Swiss midfielder Granit Xhaka who will be the central figure of Switzerland’s midfield at Euro 2020. Because Xhaka will act as one of the brains of the Swiss game from midfield.

The presence of Leonita Lekaj certainly fueled Xhaka’s enthusiasm to look good at the Euro 2020 Cup. Her beautiful face if she was present at the stadium would also be a sight in itself. The following is a beautiful portrait of Leonita Lekaj, wife of Granit Xhakaboom, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account, @leonita.x, Wednesday (9/6/2021).

1. Photo with my beloved husband

Although most of his time is spent on the field, Xhaka still makes time for quality time with his wife. In one upload, the two seem to be taking pictures together when they are in a cafe. Leonita, who is wearing a flower-patterned dress, smiles at the camera while taking pictures.

2. Look beautiful like a model

Leonita’s natural beauty shines through in this upload. He was seen wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with his long blonde hair flowing while smiling at the camera. Beauty is unlimited.

3. Look feminine with a floral dress

In another upload, Leonita looks more feminine in a dress with a red and purple rose pattern. He smiled at the camera with his wavy blonde hair flowing.

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4. Photoshoot with children

Leonita often uploads photos of her togetherness with her child. In this upload, Leonita seems to be holding her daughter Ayana Xhaka who looks cute like a bear with a white furry hoodie.

5. Look sexy

Finally, there is a portrait of Leonita Lekaj wearing a red floral dress with a slit in the middle of the chest that is elongated, making it seem sexy. She completes her sexy fashion look with a large knitted hat that adds to the charm of her beauty.