Korean Actress Controversial Dress

Korean Actress Controversial Dress

Korean actress controversial dress on the red carpet, too sexy to see through! The appearance of Korean actresses on the red carpet is one of the things that cameramen have been waiting for. Because, on the red carpet, the beautiful Korean actors and actresses who were present came to show their best style.

But unfortunately, not everything went well. These five South Korean actresses, for example, are included in the list of five actresses with the most controversial dresses on the red carpet because they are considered too sexy.

Anyone? Here are the most controversial dresses of Korean actresses on the red carpet, quoted from Koreaboo, Monday (23/8/2021):

1. Kim So Yeon’s white dress

Attending her first red carpet moment through the 2007 Busan International Film Festival, Kim So Yeon became a byword when she came in a super sexy white dress that clearly showed her curves which was considered very controversial at the time, considering the Korean public ambience 14 years ago. Wearing a super revealing white dress, the Penthouse star made headlines for a week!

2. Oh In Hye’s red dress

One of the most iconic red carpet appearances in the South Korean entertainment world, when actress Oh In Hye came to the 2011 Busan International Film Festival, she managed to surprise the public because she wore a red dress with super sexy and open cuts, showing her upper body.

In the interview, Oh In Hye admitted that the red dress was a sponsored outfit from the bridal fashion boutique but she herself modified the dress because she really wanted to wear eye-catching clothes. Wearing the controversial red dress, Oh In Hye was criticized by the public, referred to as an attention seeker.

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3. Bae So Eun’s golden dress

At the 2012 Busan International Film Festival, actress Bae So Eun came in with a glamorous gold brocade dress whose back was completely open, aka backless. Bae So Eun’s sexy outfit made her reap criticism from netizens; saying she wanted to be famous like Oh In Hye by deliberately wearing a controversial and horrendous dress.

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