Joy Red Velvet portrait

Joy Red Velvet portrait

25th birthday, take a peek at Joy Red Velvet portrait that looking very feminine! Joy Red Velvet managed to solidify her name as one of the K-Pop idol figures who are known as fashionistas. Armed with a beautiful face, tall and slender body, the appearance of Joy Red Velvet, who is celebrating her 25th birthday today, often gets a lot of praise.

For everyday fashion style, Joy Red Velvet looks quite often appear with feminine and girly outfits. What is Joy Red Velvet’s girly, feminine and sweet fashion style like? Gathering Joy’s personal Instagram account, Friday (3/9/2021) let’s take a peek at the brief review below.

1. High slit skirt

Having a body height of almost 170 centimeters, it’s no wonder that Joy looks charming when she wears a long skirt, cutting 7/8 with high slit accents or high slits like a floral motif skirt that she combines with this white short sleeve blouse. “It’s really perfect,” praised the J**pedia account

2. A-line dress

A-line dress full of girly white motifs with a sweet ribbon accent on the collar of this one, so the choice of outfit for Dara who has just been appointed to be the global brand ambassador of the TODS luxury fashion house for activities. It is even more perfect combined with a brown shoulder bag which is also produced by TODS.

3. Princess look

Wearing a white lace mini dress which Joy combined with white socks and a flat loafer with a black ribbon. Who agrees that the singer of the hits of Bad Boy, Psycho, and Red Flavor is beautiful and elegant like a royal princess?

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4. High heels slippers

Look feminine in Joy’s style, not only through mix and match outfits. But you can also use lilac sandals with high heels, like the one Joy wore when she wore a milk chocolate knee-length skirt and an army green blouse.

5. Mini skirt

Looking fashionable and still girly? Joy paired a white tank-top and a black long-sleeved shirt as a top along with a mini skirt, denim mini skirt as a bottom. Complete it with knee-high black boots.

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