Jo Yuri K-Pop Fashion Tips

Jo Yuri K-Pop Fashion Tips

Jo Yuri K-Pop Fashion Tips – South Korea has greatly influenced some Indonesian people, especially millennials. Starting from music, technology, culinary, and of course fashion.

Korean street style fashion is a source of inspiration. But apparently not only young people in Indonesia, Jo Yuri, a 22-year-old influencer from Korea is also often inspired by fashion from Korean celebrities.

Yuri who is also a dancer admits that fashion is a turning point in her life. He considers fashion as a small personal performance, where one can find a style that is liked and suitable to be shown to others.

Yuri said, it is not important to look fashionable because there are no definite parameters to define the word ‘fashionable‘. It depends on everyone’s taste. So, it is important for him to find a style that is comfortable and suitable for him.

The F Thing

As an influencer, it can be from Yuri’s Instagram account (@yuriiaw) that she also likes to look edgy in the style of girl group members who can be an inspiration for you fans of Korean idol fashion styles.

Regarding the everyday style, Yuri said, it actually varies because she likes to try new things.

“But for daily, I always go for casual fashion style because it’s very light, so it can be worn anywhere without looking effortful in styling. And I’m also really into street style because I have my own reasons why this trend is very popular with young people.”

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Yuri said, Korean celebrities are a source of inspiration.

“They usually go all out for their airport fashion and sometimes many make their own analysis of their own fashion. Or usually I also often check their Instagram accounts, that’s why I usually get inspiration from Korean celebrities.”

The F Thing, the MNC Group’s fashion and beauty e-commerce, is always at the forefront of presenting KPop fashion trends. This time, The F Thing shares the best tips about fashion from the celebrity Jo Yuri (@yuriiaw).