Jessica Jung Fashion Style

Jessica Jung Fashion Style

Jessica Jung fashion style looks glamorous with her favorite Hermes bag. Jessica Jung is known as one of the Korean Idol figures who like Hermes bags. That image began to stick with him since he was still with Girls’ Generation or SNSD and until now he has a solo career.

Through her Instagram account, Jessica often shows her glamorous style with her various collections of Hermes bags. Starting from models Kelly, Lindy, Toolbox, to Birkin.

Curious to see the OOTD (outfit of the day) style portrait of Jessica Jung’s appearance with her collection of expensive Hermes bags? Summarizing Jessica Jung’s Instagram account, Thursday (30/9/2021), let’s take a peek at the following brief review.

1. Birkin

Wearing a semi-formal outfit, combining an ivory color blazer as a top with short denim as a subordinate. Here, Jessica is seen carrying one of her Birkin collections, a camel Birkin Hermes which matches the neutral color outfit she is wearing.

2. Black Birkin

Taking a leisurely stroll to one of the Palaces in Seoul, Jessica, who was casually dressed in a black short-sleeved T-shirt and jeans, still looked glamorous because she was carrying her favorite black Birkin bag.

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3. Microbags

Photoshoot in front of a merry-go-round at the amusement park in the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris. Here, the CEO of Blanc and Eclare has a formal style like a lady boss by wearing a two-button-down boxy blazer suit in a dark oak formal style, combined with a dark brown micro size Kelly bag.

4. Kelly black

Present at Paris Fashion Week 2019, at that time Jessica looked smart and elegant in a white formal suit in a black Kelly model Hermes bag.

5. Blue Hermes

In addition to neutral and dark colors. Jessica also includes a light colored Hermes bag in her collection. One example is the indigo blue Hermes bag that he was carrying while walking leisurely around the Park de la Ciutadella.

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