Jennie BLACKPINK Iconic Fashion

Jennie BLACKPINK Iconic Fashion

Jennie BLACKPINK iconic fashion style, sexy and stunning! BLACKPINK’s Jennie is known as a fashion icon among the other four personnel. The reason, he has a fashion sense that never disappoints.

It is true. This BLACKPINK rapper always looks stunning at every event. Curious as to what? Here are 5 Jennie BLACKPINK’s iconic fashion styles that MNC Portal Indonesia has summarized, Friday (9/24/2021).

1. Shining

The glitter embroidery pattern on Jennie’s black velvet blazer looks very stylish fashion. For her underwear, she wore a black Chanel sleeveless top. Jennie combined her outfit with a matching colored skirt. The nuanced nail polish and the pearl necklace that hangs from her pie hat make Jennie look shining bright like a diamond!

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2. Gothic style

This time, Jennie appeared in a gothic style. She wore a black ruffled jersey mini jumpsuit by Alessandra Rich. A white choker with diamonds attached to the neck sweetened her look. Jennie’s hair was deliberately braided neatly so that her pearl earrings appeared real. The solo singer looks stunning.

3. Sexy in red

Portrait of Jennie looking sexy in a red mini dress. The rose element on the dress amplifies the star’s charm. The slim fit cut on her dress made Jennie’s body so slim. Coupled with the black birdcage veil that covers her face, Jennie’s look is absolutely perfect!

4. Bra top

Jennie looks stunning in a denim bra top from Pony Stone. Her navel is intentionally visible with a silver belly chain on her belly. For pants, she chose denim jeans from the Vetements brand. He combined his outfit with white leg warmers from the Adidas brand. The punk ball choker accessory and chain necklace give it a strong rock and roll feel. Jennie’s gaze managed to hypnotize her fans!

5. Rose top

Jennie’s portrait looks eye-catching with Mihano Momosa’s red rose top covering her black bodysuit. The floral gloves from Dolce & Gabbana matched the outfit. Nezha Roblox’s double braided bowl hair made her look like a doll. Posing beautifully raising her hands while swaying her waist, Jennie looks so stunning!

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