J-Hope BTS Unique Look

J-Hope BTS Unique Look

J-Hope BTS unique look is expensive and the price is not friendly for poor friends. The Korean boy band BTS is booming all over the world. They have collaborated with several well-known musicians, the latest being a collaboration with Coldplay.

BTS members have also become brand ambassadors for various fashion brands, BTS is no exception. However, there is one BTS member whose style tends to be unique and quirky.

Yep, he is J-Hope, one of the BTS members who is currently at the peak of his career. His style that tends to be unique and quirky also often steals a lot of people’s attention.

J-Hope is known to have a unique fashion sense and is different from the others. Here are 3 unique and cool fashion styles in the style of OOTD J-Hope BTS as reported by Highend.

White Shirt and Parka Combination

Combining a white t-shirt and a parka like this makes J-Hope look very relaxed and casual. This look is also suitable when combined with a bucket hat.

In this view, J-Hope is seen wearing Faith Connection’s Graffiti cotton canvas fishtail parka for IDR 26.98 million, a Bermuda bucket hat – white for IDR 898 thousand, and a wave runner for IDR 7.45 million. So, if you add it up, the total outfit that J-Hope is wearing is IDR 35.33 million.

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OOTD Airport

When showing the airport OOTD, J-Hope was seen combining a classic tee, jogger pants, and a jacket in the same color.

J-Hope is seen wearing a classic tee for IDR 1.76 million, season 6 cotton jogger for IDR 3.68 million, season 6 nylon slides for IDR 2.2 million, season 5 calabasas windbreaker for IDR 3.37 million, season 6 oversized totebag for IDR 2, 44 million, and Audemars Piguet’s self-winding royal oak in rose gold for Rp562 million. So the total price of the J-Hope outfit is IDR 575.45 million.

Classic Tee, Track Pants, and Hoodie

In this look, J-Hope is seen combining a classic tee, track pants, and hoodie. Yeezy’s classic tee, which J-Hope wears for Rp. 1.7 million, Yeezy’s classic fit track pants, costs Rp. 3 million, and Ireneisgood’s multi neon #goodforyou heart hoodie.

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