Hanging Out With Batik

Hanging Out With Batik

Hanging out with batik is a new trend for young people to preserve culture. Batik is synonymous with something formal. Most people wear batik to attend official state events, invitations, or other important events.

In the context of National Batik Day, Yos Christian Addyputra, owner of the Garuda Kencana Batik brand, tried to change this perspective and create a new culture among young people.

“Currently, many young people are wearing batik, but only when there is an important event. I rarely see young people wearing batik while hanging out and we are trying to see that opportunity,” he explained to MNC Portal, Thursday (30/30). 9/2021).

Departing from this, a fashion item in the form of a batik bomber jacket was born for young people. Not only that, there are also collarless blazers, riders jackets, and batik kimonos. This is created so that more and more young people wear batik in their daily lives, including when hanging out.

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Try to put the edgy impression in the Garuda Kencana Batik bomber jacket collection. It can be seen from the combination of the contemporary bomber jacket with a touch of detail in the form of written batik which immediately becomes a statement on the body of the bomber jacket.

“The design is made unconventional, but with contemporary motifs such as tiger or dragon fashion motifs. So, this batik bomber jacket is make more modern but still features elegant written batik,” explain the 27-year-old man.

In the process of creating the batik jacket bomber; Yos admits that there are difficulties encounter, especially in terms of production. This happens because the production of these fashion items is more complicated with details that must remain beautiful.

“The production process is more complex. In the process of making shirts, for example, if we don’t find the motif in the middle, we just slide the buttons. Now, for a batik bomber jacket, the middle part is a zipper and the batik must be very precise. So in order for the batik to meet, it is necessary special expertise and very detailed,” said Yos.

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