Georgina Rodriguez Sexy WAG Style

Georgina Rodriguez Sexy WAG Style

Georgina Rodriguez Sexy WAG Style – Euro 2020 will soon be held. In addition to football matches, the presence of WAGs or Wive and Girlfriends from players is also often in the spotlight, especially Georgina Rodriguez.

Not without reason, because Georgina Rodriguez is the lover of Cristiano Ronaldo, a football superstar, as well as the captain of the Portuguese national team who is the defending champion. Not only because of the exotic and beautiful face, but the daily activities shared on Instagram are often inspiring.

For example, when he is exercising or showing a positive daily life. Even so, the moment to show off a collection of luxury bags has also become a hobby for Georgina, which her fans are aware of.

Well, in this article, MNC Portal Indonesia tries to summarize some portraits of Georgina Rodriguez who are definitely ready to be the spark of Cristiano Ronaldo’s spirit at the Euro 2020 event:

1. Relax in the car with a bag of IDR 450 million

This is a casual portrait of Georgina in her luxury car. In the selfie photo, the woman who works as a model shows her collection of expensive bags, namely the Hermes Etain Baby Birkin 25 cm Togo Tin Gray Gold Hardware Darling for USD 32,000 or around Rp. 450 million.

Meanwhile, she wore a black and white plaid crop top with the chest left open. Sunglasses, necklace, and diamond ring on her ring finger complete her fashion style.

2. Relax on the yacht

As a model whose name is very bright, Georgina can do anything, one of which is owning a private yacht. At this moment, he is seen relaxing on a white yacht with his children.

The style is very casual. Cristiano Ronaldo’s lover is wearing a red Ferrari shirt combined with jeans and white sneakers, his Hermes mini bag always makes a splash!

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3. Wear a bikini

Georgina Rodriguez has a beautiful body. That’s why she is quite shining in the modeling world. Not only that, his expression in front of the camera is also very expensive.

One of them can be seen in this photo, she is wearing a bikini but does not seem ‘naughty’. Even those who see him in this photo will see a strong ‘strong’ and ‘fierce’ aura from his eyes. It is not like that?