Fashion Trends During Pandemic

Fashion Trends During Pandemic

Fashion trends during pandemic highlight function, not maxy beauty. The pandemic is affecting how people look. In this difficult and limited time, the beautiful but complicated style admitted by Fashion Observer Franka Soeria has ended.

“The trend of looking beautiful but making it difficult or complicated is finishing because of the pandemic,” he said in the Ederra webinar, Thursday (19/8/2021).

According to Franka, fashion trends during the current pandemic prioritize comfort and function from the clothes themselves. Not only that, fashion trends now also prioritize personality style.

“So, according to my observations during the pandemic, function is an important point in dressing. Besides that, highlighting personality is more attractive than looking trendy or maxy,” said the Co-Founder of #Markamarie.

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Fashion Trends

Franka tries to give a few tips to keep your appearance stunning during the pandemic, namely by adding flashy color elements to your outfit. “So, it’s okay to add yellow elements in fashion items. Explosive colors like that give optimism or a kind of encouragement in the midst of a situation like now,” he suggested.

The same thing was conveyed by Indah Wahyu Wardani, designer and founder of Ederra. For her, now it’s not how to appear too trendy but to dress comfortably according to character.

“The trend moves very fast. Not everyone has the ability to mix and match, so wearing clothes that are versatile but chic is the key to dressing during a pandemic,” said Indah.

That is, when you are very multitasking in a day with lots of activities, the clothes you wear don’t have to bother changing. “One outfit, but can suffice the style of all moments. Now the direction is there,” he continued.

“Dressing now is a way of how we respect ourselves and that starts with dressing appropriately without having to follow trends if we find it difficult to keep up,” Indah added.