Fashion and Grooming Tips

Fashion and Grooming Tips

Fashion and Grooming Tips – Wearing the right clothes when the weather is hot will certainly affect your mood and fluency in your activities. Wrong choice of clothes will make you uncomfortable.

Designer and observer of fashion and lifestyle Sonny Muchlison said, there are two important things in choosing clothes, namely the type of material and the fashion model. For hot weather and conditions in the tropics, Sonny emphasizes the use of materials that do not contain too much polyester but contain more natural fibers. While the fashion model, should not be too tight and piled up.

“No matter how soft, no matter how hard the material is in the tropics, the natural fiber content must be higher than the synthetic fiber or polyester. Selection of clothing materials that are not right, can make the body sweat more. So that it makes the body moist and gives a nuisance effect on the skin. If it’s on the head, it will be a problem on the scalp,” said Sonny Muchlison to on Thursday (10/6/2021). Examples of materials with recommended natural fibers, cotton or linen. Clothing with this material allows air in the skin to circulate properly. In addition, this clothing material is also very good at absorbing sweat.

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Regarding the model, you can wear clothes such as short t-shirts, loose shirts, or sleeveless shirts. For clothes with a loose size, it’s also a good idea to wear underwear such as a cotton tank top to absorb sweat.

Clothing with a loose model makes air circulation in it run well. Wearing clothes that are tight, prone to friction so that the skin can be chafed.

In addition, Sonny suggests choosing clothes with light colors, such as white, light blue, pink or pale yellow in hot weather. Why?

Light colors have the property of reflecting light. While dark colors can absorb light. So, wearing clothes with light colors is much cooler than dark clothes. But the choice of color must also pay attention to the match with skin color.

“The color of the dress is also very influential. The color should be affixed to the skin on the arm that for example; consists of two or three different colors. How to choose it, so when we touch the color and it turns out that our skin tends to be a bit dark; it means that it doesn’t match our body. But if the skin color looks light, it means it’s appropriate,” said Sonny Muchlison.