Devi Setiawati Stylish Fashion

Devi Setiawati Stylish Fashion

Devi Setiawati stylish fashion flight attendant. The flight attendant is not only beautiful, but she also always amazes with a series of cool styles. Especially when the photo is posing in front of the camera lens.

Like the beautiful portrait of a flight attendant named Devi Setiawati. Through her personal Instagram account with more than 14,000 followers, this flight attendant often shares photos complete with her cute outfits.

Well, to see a series of cute flight attendants who are familiarly called Devi, here Okezone has summarized them for you.

Sweet smile

Flight attendants often look beautiful on various occasions. Likewise with a flight attendant Devi, even though she only poses sitting on a chair, her beautiful smile can attract people to look at her.

“I’m sorry I’m not photogenic, the children really have a lot of style,” wrote the caption on the uploaded photo.

The photo with her sweet smile also invites comments from her followers.

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Trip to China

Having the opportunity to fly abroad, it’s no wonder that the Instagram gallery contains photos in the style of Devi’s flight attendant.

Including when he was in Nanjing, Jiangxi, China. With the caption: “What are you looking at?” write the caption.

Complete with his flagship out fit, wearing a bomber jacket, black waist bag, and a smartwatch, he looks very cute.

Beautiful with Sabrina style

Through her Instagram social page, flight attendant Devi is seen enjoying her free time. Being at The Swillhouse, Jakarta, she looks beautiful with her hair style, sabrina suit, and black bag.

From the uploaded photo, netizens are certainly excited to give praise.

Look good in London

Traveling abroad, of course, flight attendant Devi did not forget to capture her happy moments.

Like when she went to London Court, she posed beautifully in one of the shopping areas in the central business district.

Not to forget, Devi wore a simple fashion outfit with a navy blouse, jeans, plus glasses and a bag of the same color. He who looks fresher with his hair pulled back, looks more beautiful.

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