Cool Look With Silk Scarf

Cool Look With Silk Scarf

Cool look with silk scarf from head to pants. Scarf is often used by women, even though at first the scarf was used for men. During the reign of the Chinese Emperor, Cheng, a scarf made of ordinary cloth was only used by soldiers as a marker of military rank.

The use of the scarf then expanded, until France developed its function into the realm of fashion. Since then, regardless of age and gender, the scarf began to be used by everyone.

In the world of fashion, scarves have several functional advantages that can be created anywhere and anytime. Here HighEnd provides an outfit reference by using a scarf to make it look cooler.

Head Accessories

As a head accessory, you can use a smaller scarf or bandana scarf. With a small size can make it easier for you to tie the remaining strands of the scarf. In addition, you can also braid your hair while inserting a scarf so that your braids look more attractive.

Neck Accessories

There are many styles of scarf that you can apply as neck accessories to make it look more elegant. For example, by using a long scarf that he left hanging from the neck. With a square/short scarf, you can use choker, french-girl, and girl scout styles.

The use of a scarf as a neck accessory can be combined with a t-shirt or shirt. Avoid using a scarf with a balloon blouse because it will have a greater effect on the upper body.

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Hand Accessories

Not just to decorate your hands, a scarf can also replace the function of your watch strap! Many women are now replacing their watch straps with small scarves to make them look more beautiful.

Bag Accessories

If you don’t really like wearing a scarf on your body, try this style! Wrapping a scarf on a bag strap can give the impression of a trendy and expensive fashion bag. You can use this style on any bag that is not patterned or plain so it doesn’t give the impression of ‘busy motifs’ on your bag.

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