Charm of the Beautiful Dancer Candy Rae Fleur

Charm of the Beautiful Dancer Candy Rae Fleur

Charm of the Beautiful Dancer Candy Rae Fleur – The Dutch national team will play the inaugural match of the 2020 European Cup in Group C against Ukraine. The Euro 2020 match will be broadcast live by RCTI on Monday (14/6/2021) at 02.00 WIB.

In addition to the match, the figure of Wife and Girlfriends aka the Dutch WAGs also grabbed the attention. One of them is Candy Rae Fleur, wife of Dutch defender Daley Blind.

Candy Rae Fleur is a Dutch-born woman who is a dancer and a beautiful fashion model. She was Blind’s lover since 2008 before finally getting married 11 years later.

Having a beautiful and sexy face and a sweet smile distract netizens. It can be seen from the actions of netizens and fans who highlighted the charm of Daley Blind’s wife on her social media reaching 37.9 thousand followers.

Here are 5 beautiful portraits of Candy Rae Fleur, Daley Blind’s wife, summarized from the Instagram account @candy.rae.fleur, Monday (14/6/2021).

1. A beautiful wife for a harmonious family

The following is a portrait of the intimate household of Daley Blind and his wife Candy Rae Fleur. Both of them looked compact by wearing couple clothes with their children. Daley Blind wears a green shirt with his first child and his wife wears a pink shirt with his second child.

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2. OOTD during activity

Candy Rae Fleur’s charm shines even more when she wears OOTD clothes while on the move. By wearing a long-sleeved shirt combined with a skirt and tight pants for an autumn feel and supported by a beanie hat and shallots. She looks cuter and more beautiful.

3. Family smile

It seems that the household happiness of Daley Blind and Candy Rae Fleur is getting stickier and longer lasting and more intimate from time to time as husband and wife for the family. Portraits of smiling together showing a happy and happy expression and mood

4. OOTD invites children to play

In this pose, Daley Blind’s wife wears an OOTD for a leisurely ride on a bicycle. Looks appearance with shades of monochrome and all-white looks more fashionable and cute to wear in daily activities.