Charm of Laura VS Naura

Charm of Laura VS Naura

The Charm of Laura VS Naura Ayu, two beautiful women who Azka Corbuzier admires. Cinta Laura admitted that she was disappointed with Azka Corbuzier because the man chose Naura Ayu, Nola B3’s daughter, to be his future wife. While Cinta is chosen by Azka only as a boyfriend.

This statement came out of the mouth of Deddy Corbuzier’s son when he was asked a question by Cinta Laura on the Puella ID Youtube Channel. On the other hand, Azka chose Lyodra as a friend, nothing more.

After this expression came out, it turned out that netizens took it further until Azka’s statement went viral on social media. Even so, Azka admitted that he was amazed by Cinta Laura, Naura Ayu, and Lyodra.

Meanwhile, here, MNC Portal tries to summarize some of the styles of Cinta and Naura that have similarities, you know. Yes, although the total look of the two characters is different. Cinta is more mature, while Naura still has a childish side even though she has now grown into a beautiful teenager.

So, what is the style of Cinta Laura vs. Naura Ayu on Instagram? I think when you see this, Azka will change his mind, won’t he?

1. Wear wasta Nusantara

At the beginning of the fashion show, we see together that Naura and Cinta really have something in common, yes. Starting from the clothes worn, to the pose or gesture of the body when photographed.

Cinta wore a two-piece outfit by highlighting an attractive weave and additional fringe accessories at the waist. Meanwhile, Naura looks beautiful with two pieces of cloth that are styled like a dress. Are you both beautiful?


2. Play on the beach

When taking photos with a beach background, Naura and Cinta have their own style. Naura looks cheerful, according to her age. Meanwhile, Cinta looks very bold and luxurious with a sprinkling of Bvlgari jewelry ranging from earrings, necklaces, to bracelets. His gaze is so piercing!

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3. Pose on the bed

The two characters again look very contrasting in this photo. Cinta wore lingerie with flowy nuances and a very beautiful hairdo, on the other hand Naura looked adorable with her lounge wear tie dye.

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