BLACKPINK Lisa Portrait

BLACKPINK Lisa Portrait

BLACKPINK Lisa portrait wearing traditional Thai clothes in Lalisa’s MV, beautiful like a queen! BLACKPINK’s Lisa made her solo debut through the first single LALISA, which will be released on September 10, 2021. In a matter of days, the Thai singer and rapper’s debut MV has been viewed 142 million times.

The single MV LALISA Idol K-Pop whose full name is Lalisa Manoban was rank first Trending on Youtube. In the 3-minute 26-second video clip, BLACKPINK’s Lisa looks spectacular with 14 fashion concepts.

Some of them stole attention because they had the nuances of Lisa BLACKPINK’s country of origin, Thailand. Here’s a portrait of BLACKPINK’s Lisa looking stunning in a Thai outfit.

1. Modern Thai

In the MV ‘LALISA’. BLACKPINK’s Lisa looks beautiful wearing Thai clothes with a modern style. Lisa appeared in a black crop top with details of gold symbols.

The dress is the work of British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. Lisa completes her outfit appearance with BULGARI jewelry.

2. Like a Queen

Lisa as a representative of the country of Thailand has succeeded in making her homeland proud. This costume by Thai brand designer ASAVA seems to be the best costume in the video.

Lisa in traditional Thai clothes is like a goddess in a mongkut headpiece call chada. Lisa is so stunning!

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3. Gold dress

Thai culture is synonymous with the color gold as Lisa shows in this performance. Lisa wore a gold dress by Spanish designer Paco Rabanne from the SS21 collection named Cercle Laiton.

The music video for ‘LALISA’ itself has had a major impact on the sales of traditional Thai accessories worn by BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Quote by Reuters, since Lisa was spot wearing it, there has been a surge in sales of traditional Thai headgear clothing and accessories.

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