Best Street Style Look

Best Street Style Look

The best street style look at Paris Fashion Week. The Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 fashion exhibition not only displays formal clothing on the runway, but also street style. This style can also be an inspiration for the future.

As one of the world’s biggest fashion events, Paris Fashion Week presents designer collections from hundreds of designers who will become the benchmark for next year’s fashion trends. No wonder then Paris Fashion Week became one of the most awaited fashion fans.

By displaying a variety of fashion styles, guests and enthusiasts of Paris Fashion Week S/S 2022 present a variety of fashion looks from Parisian chic to street style. The following is a list of the best street styles that Highend has summarized from this year’s Paris Fashion Week:

Rebel Level-Up

A slouchy style full of ripped accents can look ‘expensive’ through the right combination of pieces. The combination of looks dominated by casual accents from ripped shirts and patchwork denim looks more fashionable with the use of branded socks and boots.

Make sure that denim shirts and pants are a combination composition by combining two different materials and colors to avoid a shabby look.

Leather Matter

Crowded appearing on the PFW S/S 2022 runway, synthetic leather will dominate next year’s fashion trends. Leather itself can be used as the main material for clothing or combined with other materials such as denim.

The combination of a black leather jacket with semi-formal styles such as shirts, pants and loafers creates a minimalist and neat fashion look

The Biker is Back

Not only leather jackets, biker jackets are also predicted to be a fashion trend again next year. You can look different from a motorcycle racer-style biker jacket with patchwork/emblem accents. Create a sportier look with the addition of a puffy-accented jogger and white sneakers.

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Colorful Blazer

Chic style with the use of a blazer looks more alive with a play of color. Bright colors like red make the look more bold. Choose a suit with shiny accents to give the impression of luxury and high fashion instantly.

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