Benedetta Quagli Sexy Fashion

Benedetta Quagli Sexy Fashion

Benedetta Quagli Sexy Fashion – The WAGs (Wive and Girlfriends) figures of soccer players at the 2020 European Cup are believed to be stealing the attention. One of them is the figure of Benedetta Quagli, beautiful WAGs from Italy.

Benedetta Quagli is the lover of the young Italian striker, Federico Chiesa. The presence of this beautiful woman in the stands of the stadium could trigger Chiesa’s enthusiasm to appear trendy at Euro 2020.

Curious what Benedetta Quagli’s beautiful and stylish portrait looks like? Here are 5 portraits of Benedetta Quagli’s style, which are summarized from his personal Instagram account, @she.s.benni, Friday (4/6/2021).

Look sexy with hot pants

Benedetta Quagli looked relaxed wearing a white tank top with denim hot pants that made him look sexy. The red jacket that wasn’t used only covered her smooth skin, but it made her style so cool!

For footwear, Benedetta wears brown ankle boots. How is Benedetta’s style, it’s beautiful, sexy, fashionable again!

Black Halter Neck

Next, Benedetta looks beautiful wearing a black halter neck crop top. He combined it with matching color pants. As an accessory, Benedetta wears a gold bracelet on her left hand, and a silver bracelet on her right.

The pose can’t be ruled out either. Stylish playing with her long brown hair, Benedetta seemed to want to show her seductive side.


Looking cool with streetwear style, of course, is easy for the beautiful Benedetta. Wearing a black sweater combined with jeans, the style is really cool. Not to mention the colorful sneakers, the fashion style is even cooler!

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Beautiful sitting pose

This time, the 27-year-old woman posed sitting beautifully. Because of that Benedetta looked sexy wearing a sleeveless turtleneck crop top in salmon pink. He combined it with dark blue velvet trousers as a bottom.

Beautiful selfie

Finally, there is a beautiful selfie pose of Benedetta, Chiesa’s idol. Also Benedetta wore a white long sleeve turtleneck. Clothing with crop top cuts make her stomach a little visible.

Then, she combined it with ripped jeans and a black handbag which made her even more stylish. Meanwhile, her long, flowing hair makes her even more charming.