Beauty of Tasya Farasya

Beauty of Tasya Farasya

The beauty of Tasya Farasya as Miya Mobile Legend. Beauty Influencer Tasya Farasya looks very beautiful with different nuances on Instagram. Usually showing off her beautiful face with flawless makeup or following trending hits, now Tasya is like a cartoon character.

Yes, he chose Miya’s character in Mobile Legend. Not only about makeup, clothing, hair, to some accessories she wears to perfect her appearance.

For those of you who are curious what if Tasya Farasya becomes Miya Mobile Legend, here are some photos:

1. Ready for war

Miya’s signature weapon in Mobile Legend is a black stick that Tasya holds. Accessories on the head and ears that look like aliens are also worn by Tasya.

Here he really looks like he’s ready to beat up all the criminals on earth, huh. Even so, her beautiful face was really hard to get away from attention. Very beautiful!

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2. Fierce face

Miya’s strong character is also shown by Tasya in this photo. Although the front appearance is very beautiful, but the strength of this character should not be underestimated. Tasya seems to have caught that fashion impression and she shows it through a fierce look like this. With such a fierce expression, she is ready for battle to come.

3. Super beautiful eyes

Wow, when this portrait is shown closer, we can see how Tasya’s face really blends with Miya’s character itself. Beautiful eyes with a firm face shape make the final makeup look beautiful. Look at that enchanting eye, it can certainly enchant the eye of the men. How can you even focus on thing when you are gazed by this sharp and beautiful eye. That eye can certainly bring shock into the heart of men. Her eye makes you cant stop looking at her.

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