Beautiful Portrait of Zendaya

Beautiful Portrait of Zendaya

Beautiful portrait of Zendaya 25th birthday, Tom Holland’s lover is even more charming! Hollywood actress, Zendaya is happy. Because, last Wednesday, September 1, he just celebrated his 25th birthday.

Entering the age of a quarter century, this one Spiderman star looks more beautiful and mature. Well, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Zendaya’s age, there’s nothing wrong with taking a look at Zendaya’s beautiful portraits from time to time.

Summarizing Zendaya’s personal Instagram account, Thursday (2/9/2021), let’s see a brief review of five beautiful portraits of Zendaya’s lover from Tom Holland below.

1. Exotic on the cover of Vogue

The portrait of Zendaya’s exotic beauty was displayed when Zendaya was lined up as the cover model for the cover of the famous magazine, Vogue for Vogue Australia. Wearing a pale pink cut-out dress, Zendaya put on an expression looking intently at the camera.

2. Chic look

More often seen with a simple and sweet fashion style, this time Zendaya dressed up looks like a chic and bold Lady Boss, in an all green outfit, a combination of slim-fit blazer and bling-bling high heels that make her legs look even more slender.

3. MJ

Zendaya looked flawless and attracted attention when she appeared on the red carpet gala premiere of Spiderman Movie in 2019, with a sexy red and black sequin dress and long brown hair styled in a sleek clean cut. Her beautiful face is enough to apply light makeup, only highlighting the bold makeup on the eyes and baby pink lipstick.

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4. Cute look

Now if this is Zendaya’s beautiful and cute look two years ago, wearing a sun-yellow mini dress with a sweet ribbon accent. The Emmy Awards-winning actress is even cuter with a modern bun hairstyle plus a sun-yellow ribbon bandana, matching the color of the dress she is wearing.

5. Candid

With a beautiful exotic face and a tall and slender body, it’s no wonder that in the candid paparazzi shots plus an angle from the side, Zendaya, who is wearing a red burgundy outfit, still looks maximally cute, right?

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