Beautiful Portrait of Eva Celia

Beautiful Portrait of Eva Celia

Beautiful portrait of Eva Celia who proposed to her boyfriend on her birthday! Eva Celia has just celebrated her 29th birthday, which fell on Tuesday, September 21 yesterday. The daughters of Sophia Latjuba and Indra Lesmana have now grown into beautiful, talented and full-fledged adult women.

Right on her birthday, Eva Celia has just been propose by her lover, Demas Narawangsa. Eva Celia’s beauty charm conquered the heart of her idol to marry her.

The following is a beautiful fashion portrait of Eva Celia, which is summarized from her personal Instagram account @evacelia, Wednesday (22/9/2021):

1. Inheriting the beauty of the mother

If in the past, Eva was more often refer to as her father, Indra Lesmana. However, as she grows older, it becomes more apparent that Eva also inherits the beauty of her mother, Sophia Latjuba. Just look at this portrait of Eva alone with Sophia. Both look similar and both look beautiful right?

2. Traditional look

The singer of hits C.H.R.IS.Y.E once uploaded a stylish appearance with a very Indonesian look, wrapped in traditional wastra cloth. Eva looks beautiful in a kemben made of Batik motif cloth complete with a classic Javanese traditional bun hairstyle.

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3. Vintage retro

Well, this one is a beautiful portrait of Eva when she was styled with a retro vintage concept that hit in the 80’s while filming the video clip C.H.R.IS.Y.E. Wearing a shocking pink glitter mini dress, pink gloves, shimmering makeup and colorful eyeshadow, Eva is like a hit girl in the 80’s!

4. Plain without makeup

Uploading a simple photo at home, wearing casual home clothes with a bareface or plain face without any makeup on. Eva’s natural beauty radiates outward.

5. Backstage

This one is a beautiful visual portrait of Eva Celia when she appears as a professional singer. Posing backstage, Eva looks beautiful and flawless in a corset dress. Eva’s beautiful face is getting more and more glowing with a glam look.

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