Batik Typical of Puro Pakualam

Batik Typical of Puro Pakualam

Get to know the type of batik typical of Puro Pakualam from the Yogyakarta Royal Palace. Indonesia does have a myriad of cultures that have many stories. One of them is the batik heritage of the Yogyakarta Kingdom, Puto Pakualam. Puro Pakualaman itself, is a royal palace in addition to the Yogyakarta Palace. This palace has its own unique batik variety.

Mrs. Gusti Kanjeng Bendara Raden Ayu (GKBRA) Adipati Paku Alam explained that the current Babaran Paku Alaman batik is oriented to the Yogjakarta batik pattern. Batik coloring at Puro Paku Alaman also uses the typical colors of Jogja batik by carrying dark blue, black, white, and sogan colors.

The Pakualaman Batik variety has a prominent characteristic, namely script batik. Batik script motifs are create from images and texts of ancient manuscripts, he explain at the ‘Together Worldwide Batik’ event which was hold to commemorate National Batik Day.

Manuscript batik was developed and combined with classical Jogja fashion motifs such as machetes and kawung, in order to maintain the pattern. According to GKBRA Adipati Paku Alam, there are several typical batiks from Puro Pakualaman.

Batik Wiloyo Kusumojono

This batik is take from the script Sestradisuhul. From the script then transformed into batik. Batik Wiloyo Kusumojono contains a philosophy. “Whoever is not angry when insulted and proud when praised will surely become a superior person like a fragrant flower,” said GKBRA Adipati Paku Alam.

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Indra Widagdo Batik

Indra Widagdo’s batik is a batik from the Asthabrata series with a sestradisuhul script; illustrated with wedono renggan about Batara Indra,

Lastly this batik contains a philosophy that imitates a Batara Indra. According to GKBRA Adipati Paku Alam, Batara Indra is a person who really cares about education. Because of that a leader is expect to always pay attention to the education of the people he leads, and provide opportunities for progress and development.

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