Barbie Hsu Trendy Style

Barbie Hsu Trendy Style

Barbie Hsu Trendy Style – The 90s generation may be familiar with the Meteor Garden series. The Chinese drama tells the story of a girl named Shancai who meets 4 young men called the F4 group.

The actor, Barbie Hsu, suddenly became a byword for the public. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because they were going to have a reunion. But, this time it was related to the news that she was suing her husband for divorce after 10 years of marriage.

Apart from the divorce case, at the age of 45, the visual appearance of Barbie Hsu has not changed much as before when she was so popular as Shancai.

Curious what Barbie Hsu’s beautiful and youthful portrait looks like? Summarizing the Instagram account, ‘barbiehsyu_das’, let’s take a peek at the brief description below.

Short bob hairstyles

If in the past at the age of 2 heads, Barbie looked feminine with long straight black hair. At the age of 4, Barbie looks more practical with a trendy short shoulder-length bob haircut, perfectly framing her pretty little face.

Bare face

Born with a natural facial beauty, selfies without heavy makeup are not a problem for this Taipei-born woman. Close-up photos are close-up and the results are a bit blurry, the charm of Barbie Hsu’s beauty in this photo is still clearly visible, isn’t it?

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Ponytail style

Present at one of the events at that time, Barbie Hsu looked simple but still looked elegant with her hair styled in a simple ponytail, thin flawless makeup and a salmon pink Sabrina collar mini dress.

Casual look

Momong the daughter who was still small at that time, Barbie looked casual fashion and relaxed just by wearing a T-shirt aka a plain black short-sleeved T-shirt and blue polka dot trousers and black sunglasses as complementary accessories.

Her long hair was left loose and not styled. Looking casually wearing only a t-shirt with a plain face without any makeup on, Barbie Hsu doesn’t look like a young mother giving birth to a child!