5 Styles of Maja Nilsson

5 Styles of Maja Nilsson

5 Styles of Maja Nilsson – Sweden defender Victor Lindelof has a beautiful and sexy wife named Maja Nilsson. Currently, Maja Nilsson is pregnant with the Swedish national team defender at the 2020 European Cup.

Even so, one of the Swedish WAGs still looks fashionable with her distended stomach. Being pregnant did not reduce the charm of Lindelof’s wife who was competing at Euro 2020.

In fact, Maja Nilsson looks even sexier while pregnant. Here’s a portrait of Maja Nilsson, the beautiful influencer of Victor Lindelof’s wife, who became even more sexy when she was pregnant.

Simple sexy photos on the home page

During her pregnancy, Maja Nilsson diligently shared her photos while at home. One of them is a sexy photo when wearing this black gray bra.

Yellow dress

Next there is a photo of Maja posing with the background of the construction of her house. She looks feminine in a yellow maternity dress and stylish glasses.

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Nice to wear summer dress

One of the tricks for this woman who is also a UNICEF ambassador is to look trendy even though she is pregnant, by using outfits such as dresses. For example, by wearing a plain midi dress with a tomato red halter neck style combined with mules sandals full of colorful motifs, which makes Maja not only look trendy but also fresher because of the choice of bright bright colors.

Fashionable in mini dress

Big pregnant, Maja is still confident in choosing a mini dress as an outfit choice for a walk. For example, in this portrait, Maja looks fashionable in a black ruffle-accented mini dress which she paired with black high-knee boots and a woven tote bag. Cool isn’t it?

Tight dress

Being pregnant does not prevent this woman who works as an influencer from wearing tight dresses. Maja looked charming in a yellow yolk tight dress, combined with a denim fashion jacket as an outer and a pair of high-heeled sandals.