5 Sexy Fashion Portraits of Georgina Rodriguez

5 Sexy Fashion Portraits of Georgina Rodriguez

5 Sexy fashion portraits of Georgina Rodriguez – The Hungarian National Team will host Portugal in the 2020 European Cup group F stage on Tuesday (15/6/2021) at the Puskas Ferenc Stadium. This match will certainly be very special because it presents the figure of the Juventus superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The slick appearance of the goal machine is of course very much awaited by the fans. Moreover, Ronaldo is also often accompanied by his beautiful WAGs (Wives and Girlfriend), Georgina Rodriguez who is ready to support from the audience. Summarizing from the official Instagram @georginagio, Tuesday (15/6/2021) let’s take a peek at the sexy portrait.

1. Provide support to the husband

This beautiful woman who works as a model often accompanies and supports Cristiano Ronaldo during matches. In her photo upload, Georgina appears to be in the stadium while wearing the Portugal national team jersey.

2. Look elegant in a private jet

As a star player WAGs, Georgina’s life looks luxurious and glamorous. In one of the uploads, it appears that he is sitting relaxed on a private jet bench while posing in an all-white dress.

3. Look sexy in a bikini

Looking sexy has become Georgina’s habit. In another upload, Georgina is seen wearing a brown patterned bikini. He poses very sexy when looking at the camera. So sexy! that everyone’s attention is on her.

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4. Pose naked during photoshoot

In another upload, Georgina appears as a model advertising a Gucci fashion brand luxury bag. Interestingly, he poses sexy without a single thread covering his body.

5. Look intimate with Ronaldo

In another upload, the couple showed off their intimacy while on vacation in Turin, Italy. Georgina looks intimate with Ronaldo while playing in the snow with a thick coat.

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