5 Hottest Spanish WAG Fashion Style

5 Hottest Spanish WAG Fashion Style

5 Hottest Spanish WAG Fashion Style – The Spanish National Team will fight against the Swedish national team in the Group E preliminary round for the 2020 European Cup on Tuesday 15 June 2021. In that match, Spain will benefit because they are the host at the Estadio de La Cartuja. Not only that, the Matador Team – the nickname of the Spanish national team also benefited from a number of star players who were scattered at Euro 2020 this time.

These star players belonging to the Spain national team also have a number of beautiful and sexy WAGs (Wives and Girfriends). Summarizing from various sources, here’s a list of beautiful WAGs belonging to the Spanish national team, let’s have a look


1. Edurne Garcia – David de Gea

This talented Manchester United goalkeeper has a beautiful girlfriend named Edurne Garcia. This beautiful blonde girl is a singer, actress, model, and television presenter from Spain. He also served on the jury of a talent show. In one of his photo uploads, Edurne looks smiling while wearing a dress with a low cleavage.


2. Patricia Noarbe – Marcos Llorente

Marcos Llorente also has a beautiful and sexy young WAGs named Patricia Noarbe. In one of her Instagram uploads @paddy.8, Patricia looks sexy in a two-piece bikini relaxing on the beach.

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3. Beatriz Espejel – Koke

Not inferior to De Gea and Llorente, Koke also has a beautiful and sexy partner named Beatriz Espejel. In one of the uploads, the woman who works as a model appears to be wearing a black dress with loose blonde hair. Beatriz’s appearance is very sexy and seductive.


4. Romarey Ventura – Jordi Alba

This Barcelona defender has been in a relationship with beautiful WAGs named Romarey Ventura since 2015. Ventura is no less sexy than other Spanish WAGs. In one of her Instagram uploads, @romarey_ventura, this blonde woman is seen posing in a white Ruffle one-shoulder swimsuit.


5. Alice Campello and Alvaro Moratta

Finally there is the figure of Alice Campello, wife of Spanish striker, Alvaro Moratta. Alice’s beauty will be the spark of Moratta’s spirit in gaining goals for Spain. In addition to a beautiful face, Alice also has a sexy appearance.

In one of the uploads, Alice looks charming in a patterned fashion bikini and a long pink gradient skirt. Her appearance looks like a model against the backdrop of the beach and mountains in Santorini, Greece.