5 Charms of Edurne Garcia

5 Charms of Edurne Garcia

5 Charms of Edurne Garcia – Since the 2020 European Cup, Wife and Girlfriends aka WAGs have been in the spotlight. Including the famous Spanish national team WAGs are beautiful and sexy.

One of the Spanish WAGs at Euro 2020 that is in the spotlight is Edurne Garcia. This beautiful woman is the lover of Spain’s number one goalkeeper, David De Gea.

This couple has just been blessed with their first beautiful daughter named Yanay. Therefore, Edurne Garcia is now not only known as an actress and singer, but a hot mom!

Here is a sexy portrait of Edurne Garcia, lover of tough goalkeeper David De Gea, which is summarized from his Instagram account.

1. Portrait during a gig

Edurne Garcia’s beauty and sexy appearance will indeed attract attention at Euro 2020. As in this photo, Edurne looks very sexy in a velvet dress with a low cleavage.


2. Look sexy with a low cleavage dress

In addition to singers, Edurne is also a judge on a talent show. In one of his photo uploads, Edurne looks smiling while wearing a dress with a low cleavage that makes him look sexy.


3. Beautiful in a black dress

Edurne Garcia’s style and fashion is the main attraction for women. Her beautiful charm was seen when she attended the singing competition in a glittering black dress.

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4. Sexy and sporty with a crop top

Next, Edurne Garcia looks sexy wearing a black crop top that shows off her stomach muscles. He combined it with white sweatpants which made him look sporty. In addition, her hair is braided in two which makes her appearance look cute.


5. Sunbathing pose

Sunbathing portrait wearing a black bikini makes her sexy fashion aura shine even more. This beautiful mother really maintains her ideal body shape.

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